I specialize in customizing WordPress websites for businesses, freelancers, and portfolios.


Comprehensive Business Consultants

A proposal development consulting business, with expertise in the front end of new business.When you’re ready, our developers write, edit, publish, and manage your proposal.


China Business Review

China Business Review is the official magazine of the US-China Business Council, a nonprofit and nonpartisan trade association that represents more than 200 American companies doing business in China.




Erin Knowles

Candidate for Calvert County School Board, District 3.



Bo Ashmore

Country musician with his heart stuck in the Ozark Mountains. Bo has released two unique albums completely written, performed, and produced by himself. He plays guitar, mandolin, and fiddle as he travels the country.


Megan Ludka

Megan is a high school sophomore with a 4.0 GPA and extensive springboard diving training. She plans to compete in the regional, zone, and national USA and AAU dive meets in 2018.