After own health issues, Nordstrom volunteers for Cancer Action Network

On her first day at her job, then-36-year-old Jennifer Nordstrom had to take a little time off. It wasn’t for her youngest son’s birthday — it was his ninth — but for a regular medical appointment she’d booked months before landing her first job in the corporate world.

Belly up to the bar — in your home

In Las Vegas, there’s only one bar that can boast the “safest trip home” and pretty much guarantee that police won’t be pulling you over and requesting a deep breath.

The slippery slope starts in Vegas

Jimmy James, the man with two first names, loves bringing smiles to the “€œinsanely creative.”

But, to John Meredith, it‘s the shrieks that really get him going.

“You can be anywhere and you can just hear the screams,”€ he said.

Meredith met up with James in April 2012 to bring to life his “crazy idea”€ that began as a vision for a permanent slip-n-slide. That grew to a 210-foot project when he stumbled on James‘€™ Fix My Slide, a Las Vegas company that removes old commercial water slides, refurbishes them, then designs and installs new slides for residential use.

Pros and cons of renting-to-own

The foreclosure crisis dumped many Las Vegans out of their homes with poor credit, a loss of equity and no next step to purchase a home.

Homebuyers with bad credit or who don’t have two years of employment history (which is typically necessary to qualify for a mortgage), have found an alternative to perpetually renting: rent to own homes.

How does it work?

Seven questions to ask yourself before taking out a mortgage

You shouldn’t rely on luck as you’re financing your new home, but knowing the answers to these seven questions can’t hurt.

What you need to know about Airbnb laws in Las Vegas

First of three parts

Need a little extra dough and considering cleaning up that extra room in the back and renting it out? Want to rent out your house while you’re in California next week?

Stop and check the laws before you list that cool, Red Rock-themed room for rent for the weekend. If you’re not in the cities of Las Vegas or North Las Vegas, odds are, you’re about to break the law.

Preventative surgery: is it for you?

At 17 she found the first lump in her breast and had it removed.Then four more lumps were removed one by one.In 2007, when yet another benign lump appeared on her breast, Vanes Ryerson of Henderson had had enough. Both her mother and grandmother had dealt with breast cancer, and Ryerson was ready for a preventative double mastectomy.

Experts weigh in on how to personalize a dorm room

For most college freshmen, moving into the dorms this fall will be their first foray into independent living, but that doesn’t mean it comes without rules: no holes in the walls, no paint, no removing furniture, no damage to the room. But don’t despair, there’s plenty of ways to make the room your own, and make it suit your needs.