about me

I live in a D.C.-area suburb in Southern Maryland with my two kids and my chocolate lab, Drake. I grew up just outside Washington, D.C., where everyone learns to love or hate politics (I fall into the former category–most of the time). I have since lived in the Carolinas, Hawaii, Nevada and Louisiana and returned to Maryland a few years ago. I love to ride motorcycles, camp, garden, read and dance ridiculously when I’m not chasing kids.

I’ve dedicated myself to my career and continuous learning. I take pride that my children will know that hard work is what moves a person forward in life. With that, I bring my laughter, my personality, my spunk and my serious devotion to clear communication.

I understand public image, media relations, consistency and the importance of deadline, accuracy and teamwork. I have experience as a top-level supervisor in a daily deadline environment and the education to know how the improper use of effect can affect how I compliment an editor’s headline that complements a story.

My design influence at The Advocate contributed to a 20 percent increase in circulation. My mentoring at the Review-Journal helped each of my interns land career-focused jobs in their field. My editing at the Review-Journal helped the paper earn several journalism awards. And, my editing influence at the US-China Business Council has helped propel many of our advocacy campaigns into real policy change at the executive branch level of two governments.

Don’t just take my word for it; read what they’re saying on LinkedIn.

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