corporate communications

I write, edit, design, and create corporate identity documents that define brand, style, and marketing. Click on the links below to see full versions of the documents.


styleguidePrince George’s County Planning Department Style Guide

I authored, defined, crafted, and designed this entire document to ensure consistency throughout the department for all external documents. The key to solid branding is maintaining a consistent look and feel to communications.


BrandingPlanCottage City, MD branding plan

The town came to us looking for a new logo but we realized their real issue was a lack of brand. We offered a one-page branding plan as a place to start before tackling a new logo. A branding plan helps define a logo that works with your strategy.



US-China Business Council look book

I edited, defined, and designed this entire document as a marketing tool for recruitment of new members. This book is a quick look at the services USCBC offers and the benefits to membership.



exportreportState export report

I edited the data and report, as well as designed all the visual communication for the US-China Business Council’s annual report about each state’s exports and how they relate to the China market.




Annual member survey member survey

I edited the data and report, as well as designed all the visual communication for the US-China Business Council’s annual member survey about multinational company’s views of China as an operating market.



pptimgPowerPoint Template

Base PowerPoint templates create consistency through presentations, which enhances corporate branding. I created the style, design, and content for the Planning Department’s branded presentations with the flexibility to add tailored material within those styles.





Las Vegas Review-Journal Onboarding material

I was part of a team that authored and edited all the material for the Review-Journal onboarding book. I also designed the entire book and interviewed the corporate executives to create their profiles. This book is given to new hires to orient them to the culture at the Review-Journal and serve as a quick reference to policies and procedures.

Las Vegas Review-Journal quarterly newsletter

I was part of a team that edited and authored all content for the internal company magazine that highlights staff accomplishments — within and outside the workplace. I also crafted the style guide and designed the template for the newsletter. The newsletter is aimed at improving communication and morale at all staff levels.